Bitupave - Anionic rapid setting machine applied slurry

Modern slurry sealing has developed from the MoD airfield sealing medium to become a vital tool for highway engineers as a solution for many and varied maintenance problems. Bitupave has been laid throughout Ireland for the past 30 years and is the cheapest sealant product available for housing estate carriageways and car parks.

A combination of bitumen emulsion, aggregate and additives, is unique among slurry systems.... IT SETS IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES

This product can only be machine applied because of the very short setting times. Bitupave is a single coat application primarily used to seal the carriageway preventing further frost deterioration of the road surface.



Bitupave offers the highway engineer a surface with the outstanding properties necessary to meet the increasingly demanding standards of highway maintenance.

Bitupave should be used early in the carriageways life before severe rutting has taken place. Because the product is applied as a thin single coat it is not possible to create any regulating to the road surface. Where the carriageway has deteriorated to this state then Ralumac should be used.

As bitupave is laid as a thin sealant coat it is not usually necessary to raise ironwork. As it is a runny material it cannot be applied to slopes greater than 8%. Because of the fast setting time it cannot be carried by foot into homes by the public, thus reducing claims and negative publicity.


Technical Information
Aggregate : Selected coarse and fine aggregates
Bitumen emulsion, (using low concentration basic emulsifier, final pH9) with mineral aggregate and hydrated lime applied on site.
Bitupave is machine applied to road surface as a bituminous based aqueous slurry. The system is anionic in nature, initially brown in colour, rapidly curing to give a tough black surface which eventually pales to grey.
Bitupave is a slurry sealing surfacing product for maintenance of low trafficked roads and car parks by providing a dense, impervious sealing medium.
Filler : Hydrated lime to BS 890
Skid resistance : Typically 60+
Texture depth : Typically 0.8mm
Binder content : 9% by weight
Life expectancy : 15 - 20 years for housing estates.
Daily output : Typically 2500 m2
Coverage rate : Approximately 11kg/sq.m. to achieve 6mm applied thickness