Colourtrack - Cold laid coloured micro asphalt


Colourtrack is a cold laid micro thin bituminous surfacing material specially developed for use on footways and carriageways whilst providing excellent maintenance properties. It can be hand applied and machine applied. The setting time of the material is greatly reduced in the machine applied process. It is outstanding in its visual properties for cycle tracks, hatched areas and sites where signs alone are not adequate.

The early sighting of changing colours on the road surface can reduce the possibility of accidents by reducing speed especially at approaches to ghost islands on major junctions.

Depending on traffic volumes Colourtrack may be used on or off carriageway. The colour of the finished surface will be influenced by the choice of binder, of pigment and of aggregate. Colours available are varied but the most popular are bright & matt red, bright & matt green.



Colours can be used to accentuate specific areas on the footpath or carriageway as shown below. Colourtrack is also used to enhance footways and car parking at Public Buildings, Touring Amenities, Airports and Public Transport Sites.

More people are turning to bicycles as a means of transport to improve their health and reduce pollution. As a result Colourtrack is used to create a safe area for the cyclist, by segregating the cyclists from the vehicular traffic by good use of colour.




Cycle paths can be laid by machine with an output capacity of approximately 3000 m2 per day. This greatly reduces the price of the application. The machine can lay widths of 1.05 m, 1.2 m & 1.35 m.

The machine is best used for carriageway cycle paths rather than on footpaths due to fewer obstructions with street furniture.



Technical Information
Colours Available

A cold applied 0/6mm, 0/3mm wearing course which incorporates a clear polymer modified bituminous binder to which a coloured dye is added to produce a strong coloured finish.

Aggregates are carefully selected high quality aggregates and fillers.

Colour dyes can be naturally occuring pigments or synthetic pigments.

Red (Bright)

Red (Oxide)

Green (Bright)

Green (Oxide)


Speed of application
Cold laid process
Increased wearing properties
Choice of colours
Cost effectiveness
Machine or hand laid
Environmentally friendly