Ralumac - The all-round solution to problems all round



Ralumac is a cold-applied asphaltic material, designed for more demanding locations on all types of surfaces. It gives a superior surface with good texture and is therefore suitable for a whole range of road maintenance problems faced by today's Road Engineer.

Ralumac's effectiveness as an overlay carpet is derived from thoroughly researched and developed Bitumen Emulsion. This is a Polymer Modified Binder which, when mixed with selected high quality aggregates and fillers, gives a material with good stability in summer whilst maintaining flexibility in winter.




Ralumac - Seconds after being mixed.

Application Process - Ralumac is cold-applied through a specially designed continuous flow machine. Daily outputs in excess of 2,000m2 can be achieved with minimal disruption to traffic. Application is normally undertaken in layers with the initial regulating layer up to 30mm, followed by a uniform wearing course carpet of 8mm in thickness. The new Ralumac surface can be trafficked in 15 to 20 minutes. No rolling is required as the traffic action kneads the material, closing up the surface rendering it virtually impervious.


Hardened Ralumac Surface



One of Ralumacs ingredients is latex or rubber. As a direct result of this and the finished surface texture, tyre noise is reduced by half compared to other products. This makes Ralumac an ideal choice for the engineer on busy urban sites where houses are close to the traffic. This has the effect of "double glazing" all the houses.


  Ralumac buy its nature is an ideal material for taking out rutting. It is normally a two coat operation where the first coat reshapes the road and the final coat gives good texture. It can be applied as a single coat to strengthen the edge of the carriageways or reprofile prior to spraying. It can also be applied to fatted-up rural roads which prevents any further fatting-up taking place. A further use would be to overlay public utility reinstatements and concrete road surfaces.


Busy urban thoroughfare before & after Ralumac (mouse over)



Speed of application
Strength of design mix
Fills ruts in a single pass
Traffic possible within 15/20 minutes
Reduced preparatory work
Minimises alteration to street furniture
Cost effective
Environmentally friendly cold laid process
Reduced road closure and disruption to traffic
No need for a tack coat.
Technical Information

Typical details - (0mm/8mm aggregate grading - alternative aggregate gradings are available)

Selected coarse aggregates
Fine aggregate
High quality crushed aggregate
Ordinary Portland Cement
Skid resistance
Typically 65
Texture depth
Typically 1.3mm+
Marshall stability (KN)
Flow value (mm)
Binder content
4.5% - 7.5% by weight
Void content
2% - 6% by volume
Coverage rate
Typically 28kg/sq.m. approx. equal to 16mm thickness but will vary depending on the shape of the carriageway


Ralumac - The solution for edge strengthening


Ralumac takes you back from the edge with the solution to edge distortions/depressions and can restore/reprofile up to 75mm deep ruts. The increasing assault on our highways by the growing volume and weight of modern day traffic has led to problems that are common to all classes of road wheeltrack rutting, fretting at the edges and surface deformation. Ralumac's designed formula with polymer modified binder, high quality aggregates and expert laying squad has proven over the past four years and 1 million m2 of edge strengthening laid to be a proven, practical and economic solution to a difficult problem.The finished surface can be surface dressed within four weeks or left to next season.

Ralumac can be applied unequally across the surface providing extra material at the road edge to reduce the rounding effect of the road cross section.In this case it can be applied as a single coat and can be surface dressed 4 weeks later.

Rural site before & after Ralumac (mouse over)


Ralumac - The solution to fatty road surfaces


In the maintenance programme carried out each year on our roads one of the most difficult problems facing the maintenance engineer is fatting up/excess bitumen caused by many factors and on all classes of roads. The fatty problem can be seen by the black shiny areas which develop on the surface of roads where the stone surface has been pushed into the underlying surface by the ever increasing weight and volume of heavy vehicles assisted by warm weather heating the road surface and rendering it more soft and supple. The problem is further distressed when the fatty surface is lifted on wheels/pulled and deposited further along the surface leaving small pot holes and lumps of bitumen for further movement and greater distress.

Ralumac has by its special design the ability to absorb excess bitumen into the base regulating course whilst similarly filling ruts, depressions and plucks before receiving the top/wearing coat giving an excellent riding surface with good texture.The repaired surface can be surface dressed in four weeks or left to a date in the future

  Fatted up carriageway before & after Ralumac (mouse over)


Ralumac - The solution to failed surface dressing


There are millions of square metres of surface dressing laid on our roads each year and it is still the most economical way of holding our road surfaces together. This waterproofs the surface and gives excellent texture and wearing properties. Partial failures can occur due to a number of possibilities and can be difficult to repair. The surface can become dangerous if not attended to immediately. Ralumac offers a solution to this problem. Ralumac by its fluid nature can fill the gaps in the surface dressing and at the same time absorbs the excess bitumen into the base coarse. A wearing coarse of Ralumac can be applied or a further surface dressing application.

Stripped surface before & after Ralumac (mouse over)


Ralumac - The solution to rut elimination


Photograph showing rut of 75mm

Ruts are the sure sign that the ever increasing number and weight of heavy vehicles are slowly breaking down our road structures. The immediate response before the seal is broken and greater damage is caused is to fill, level and eliminate the rut. Over the past 35 years Ralumac has proven in Ireland and many countries to be the tough economical solution to a major problem.

Ralumac is laid in two layers. The first layer/coat can take out ruts up to 75mm, if greater depths are required a second base layer can be applied followed by a wearing/top coat giving an excellent riding surface which is waterproof with great texture. Solve your rut problem with Ralumac.



Minimac - The solution to small scale works.


Ralumac can now be laid using a small versatile machine known as the "Minimac". Because it is manoeuvrable it is therefore ideal for small awkward sites and carparks. The overall length of the Minimac from the front to the rear of the laying box is 6.0 m, whereas the larger Ralumac machine is 14 m long. The Minimac is self propelled using the same engine to drive the wheels and operate all hydraulics. Because of the demands on the engine, the top speed of the Minimac is only 12 mph. Therefore the machine is transported to site on a 12m low loader. The primary material being laid through this machine is Ralumac, however coloured bituminous mixes can also be applied to a carriageway or footpath surface. The overall weight of the machine fully loaded is approximately 13 tonnes and has the capacity to lay 180 m2 of Ralumac from one fill.

Ralumac - The all-round solution to problems all round.