Ralupath - Cost effective maintenance for footways.

Ralupath has been developed from the highly successful and durable Ralumac process, having all the attributes such as Polymer Modified Binder, specially selected hard wearing aggregates designed for easy laying by hand. Ralupath is a hand applied cold asphalt resurfacing system which provides a quick and cost effective solution to worn and distressed footways.

Ralupath removes minor depressions and can re-profile the footway in one application. It is also possible to take out more serious depressions by using Ralupath as a patching material laid directly on top of existing surface. This avoids the cost of cutting out sections of footpath and reinstating the patch. Ralupath is black in colour and is readily accepted by residents and the greater public giving a pleasing visual appearance. Due to the recent upsurgence in utility services Ralupath can restore the appearance of the footpath by covering their trench re-instatements.



Many of our footways have been neglected because the priorities are in carriageway reinstatement. Motorists generally have more of a shout than pedestrians. The majority of footways needing urgent attention are located in housing estates and along main or secondary roads leading out of towns or villages. Ralupath is not only a surfacing material but has the ability to eliminate surface depressions and defects as shown here.

Where the existing footpath is uneven or causing trip hazards Ralupath is a fast means of reducing trip claims through pedestrian casualties. Up until recently Ralupath could not be applied to an asphalt footpath because of it's smooth surface but now with the addition of a new ingredient to Ralupath this problem can be overcome.

Technical Information

Ralupath is a cold laid micro asphalt surface incorporating polymer modified binder

Selected high quality aggregates
Aggregates typically 0/3mm
Spread rate depending on surface, traffic and conditions
Coverage rate:

Typically 10 - 15kg/sq.m. approx. Must be laid on a sound base

  Some examples of existing footpaths before Ralupath treatment. (mouse over)




Finished footpath with Ralupath

Ralupath has a positive texture unlike Bitmac. It also has a significant advantage over asphalt in the icy winter months by improving texture.

Street furniture, kerbs and entrances to drives are taped up to provide a neat joint which is aesthetically pleasing. Generally speaking most metalwork is already high and therefore Ralupath can be feathered into it, avoiding the cost of re-setting metalwork. When the existing metalwork is very low it should be raised in advance of applying Ralupath for best finished appearance.

Cold applied
Visually pleasant
Hard wearing
Little disruption to traffic/pedestrians
Fast setting 15 - 20 minutes
Fast application
Cost effective
Positive textured surface
Black in colour